The Covid Ultimatum


The conspiracy theories were wrong. Covid was real, and its spread accidental. The vaccines were not designed to wipe out or sterilize the population, and didn’t contain tracking technology. But it didn’t matter. True, we never knew the extent of what was happening, having listened to the establishment and shouted down the dissenting voices. But all that mattered was right under our noses. The “authorized officers”, the “fact checking”, the medieval barbarism of a medical mandate. Yet, the most plainly observable aberration of all was our own behavior. We accepted, and implemented, the persecution of those who refused the vaccine. We condescended and ridiculed, socially excluded and isolated, and denied basic services and even employment. Even as they lost their houses and ended up on the streets, the only question that passed through our useless soy-saturated skulls was why they couldn’t see the light.

We had feared covid as we feared death itself. But as our political reality reached its predictable conclusion, we began to wish that covid had killed us all.